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Namaste All Day

Happy Thursday, readers! I am excited to talk about something a little bit different today, something a bit more personal. A lot of you may not know this, but I have struggled with anxiety for several years. My anxiety started when I was in college; probably stemming from all the unknown. what am I going to do when I graduate? Where am I going to live? Am I going to be successful? Will I have friends? Will I be able to support myself? Like most people, I was likely driving myself crazy wanting to know questions about myself that no one could answer. As a 27-year old “adult,” I have found that I continue to experience anxiety, but there really is no answer to where it comes from. 

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As a coping mechanism, I was able to find yoga. Yoga above anything, besides the support I have from friends and family, has been the absolute best way for me to battle and stand strong against my anxiety. Yoga is something I did occasionally in high school and college, but I didn’t understand the true benefits until my mid-late 20’s. In the past two years, I have practiced yoga regularly and most days, cannot think of something that benefits me more. 

Recently, I have been taking classes at Yoga Six. I absolutely couldn’t dream of a better studio for me, both location-wise and schedule-wise. I have a full time job in the West Loop and I used to get frustrated with other studios’ class schedules. At Yoga Six, I can always find a class I can make it to. I am a lover of hot yoga mostly because sweating out all the bad toxins in my body makes me feel amazing and completely rejuvenated but also because it is a bit more of a challenge. The Hot Yoga class at Yoga Six is absolutely ah-may-zing, not only does it challenge my body, but also my mind. This helps me escape anxiety and just, breathe.

My experience with yoga thus far has taught me that, life is inevitably going to lead me in all sorts of directions but if I continue to practice meditation frequently and learn to just let go and breathe, it will always be okay. 

Spa day…

Happy Thursday everyone! Valentine’s Day is almost here, and what’s the best way to prepare?? A spa day! Last weekend, we went to Seva Beauty for a day of pampering and beauty maintenance. We had never heard of Seva, but are so happy to have discovered it. Their whole concept is ‘fast casual,’ where they want everyone to be able to afford a little bit of pampering.

Neither of us had ever had a facial, and we had the 50-minute Deluxe Facial. It was amazing – our skin was glowing! We thought that by getting a facial, our skin would break out, but it actually cleared up our skin. We then had our eyebrows threaded and dyed. We even tried out their temporary eyelash extensions. We left the spa feeling so refreshed, and the best part was, it was so affordable! We honestly couldn’t believe that all of those services combined were under $100. We are so happy we found a guilt-free spa in Chicago.


(Dev has on the false eyelash extensions..they look so good!!)