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PINSpiration: Studio Decor

Hi friends, happy Wednesday!  I’m really excited today because in exactly 1 week, I’ll be moving apartments! It’s not a huge move but, I’m looking forward to some change. I’ve been living in a small studio in the Gold Coast for the past two years. Now, I’m headed to Old Town, still in a studio, but it’s totally different– more spacious, and updated! The best part is that I’ll be super close to Em and Kurt- they can’t seem to escape me (LOL)!

Anyway, this upcoming move has really brought out my creative side. Going into this new place, I decided that I want it to be super glam, feminine  and somewhat, over the top! I think this will be my last apartment in the city where I can truly have fun with a space thats totally mine!!  To get ideas, I’ve been browsing Pinterest and wanted to share a few of my favorites with you!

Looking forward to sharing pictures of my new place soon! xx

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PINspiration: Embroidery

Embroidery became a very popular trend in the fall and it looks like this trend is continuing into the spring. Embroidered pieces are everywhere – designers are embroidering everything, and we LOVE it. Although we do love the high-price tag embroidered pieces (like the loafers below), we’ll be incorporating embroidery with a more budget-friendly item – like a Zara purse, or H&M jacket. 

Here are some of our favorite pieces so far: 
Eyelet Ruffle Top | Sam Edelman Espadrilles (Under $100!) | Sweet Red Top | Black/White Zara Dress  | Skinny Jeans | Free People Dress | Yellow Dress

What do you all think of this trend??

Emily & Devin

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Home Inspo: All about Copper

We’ve been in our apartment about a year now and it still isn’t finished. I’ve been looking on pinterest lately to try to find ideas on how to complete our space. From all my pinning, I’ve noticed that copper is making a big comeback. It’s everywhere, from kitchen faucets to coffee tables. I really like the trend, but don’t know if I’d be able to commit to buying an expensive piece of copper furniture. It’d be fun to find ways to incorporate inexpensive accessory pieces, like this marble cutting board, bar tools, or this serving tray.

What do you all think of this trend? Do you think it’ll be around for awhile?

living room1copper 2copper 5copper 3copper 6copper 4

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PINspo | White Sneakers

Today’s weather had us anxious for spring. We both live in pretty small apartments, and have to pack up our summer clothes and shoes to make room for our winter wardrobe – then, we send it to mom’s until the next season. I totally wasn’t expecting 72 degrees this early in March, and I didn’t have any lightweight shoes to wear, so I spent the afternoon browsing the web for some spring inspo.
I love the white sneaker trend. It looks super cute paired with ripped jeans and an oversized knit, or just a simple striped dress. 

Here are a few pairs we love:
Adidas Superstars | Puma |  Le Coq | Converse 

pinspo 4
             pinspo 8pinspo 10 pinspo 7  
                pinspo 5  pinspo 3
                           pinspo 2 pinspo 1
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PINspo | Vests

Hello, readers! With the weather in the 50s and 60s this week, we thought we’d show some of our favorite ways vests can be styled for fall and winter. Normally, we’d be bundled up by this time with gloves, beanies, and turtlenecks, but the temperature has been moderate so far. 
We like vests of all kinds, as you can see from all the looks below.We love the way a fur, leather, or sweater vest can be styled over a silk blouse. We also love the sporty look, where it’s styled with a chambray top, flannel or sweatshirt.

Here are a few vests we have our eye on:

J.Crew Buffalo Check Vest | Forever 21 Faux Fur Vest | Trouve Long Vest |
Forever 21 Contemporary Vest | Faux Fur Vest | Splendid Sweater Vest 

Vest 1vest 3 vest 4 vest 5 vest 6 vest 7 vest 8  vest 10 vest 11
All photos from pinterest

PINspo | Feathers & Shag

Happy Wednesday! After perusing the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales all weekend, we are lusting over so many different items! I don’t know about you, but we feel that winter is the BEST season to shop for. There are so many amazing textures and prints for winter; velvet, suede, leopard print, feathers, fur… the list goes on.

One of the trends on our radar are feathered pieces, and shag jackets. We love how adding the feathered detailing to a simple black tank is so simple, but instantly dresses the look up. We also love the shag jackets and coats we’ve seen all over.. they’re so fun and add an element of surprise.

We’ve linked a few of our favorite finds:

Feathered Tank | Feathered Tank #2 | Feathered Top #3 |  Feathered Shift Dress | Shag Fur Coat | Shag Jacket | Shag Vest

shag 1feather 1  feather 3 feather 4 feather 5  shag 2 shag 3 feather 2shag 4 shag 5 shag 6
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PINspo | The Cape

Happy Friday, peeps! I’m definitely ready for the weekend. I’m ready to catch up on sleep and do a bit of reading. I heard the temps are gonna drop and it might even snow. First snowfall this year. That’s exciting, right?

Anyway, I’ve been loving capes lately and have seen them just about everywhere. I found the perfect black one at Zara this past weekend. They are paired with the trousers I want for christmas (see my holiday wish list).

In fall and winter, I love to layer. Mostly because the Chicago wind is so chilling, but also because it makes getting dressed for the day, wayyy more fun. I love how Rachel from Pink Peonies styled the cape below. She looks so feminine and cozy!

Here is a roundup of a few other capes I’ve been eyeing:

Faux-Fur Cape (Under $100) | Cape Blazer | Long Cape | Free People Cape | 

Photo from Pink Peonies

Hope everyone has a fun weekend! Stay warm.. 


PINspiration | Leather Jacket

Happy Wednesday! For our Chicago readers, can you believe this weather??? It’s amazing!
With this cooler weather, a leather jacket is the perfect layering piece. We are both in the market for a leather jacket this fall and winter season. A good leather jacket looks great with, honestly, everything. We love them paired with a simple t-shirt and ripped jeans, or dressed up with a loose maxi skirt.

Here are a few affordable finds to help you replicate the looks below:
Nasty Gal Vegan Leather Jacket | Blank Leather Jacket (love) | Plaid Scarf | Hinge Plaid Scarf | Distressed Boyfriend Jeans | TopShop Moto Jean | Project Social White T-Shirt | Vanessa Bruno T-Shirt 

leahter 10leahter 5  leather 4 leather 6 leather 7 leather 8 leather 9 leather 11
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PINspiration | Ponchos

Happy Wednesday, readers! Today’s PINspo is all about our new favorite trend, the poncho, which is the perfect layering piece for fall. With the crazy fluctuations in temps, it’s hard to know what to wear; one day, it may be 75 and sunny, and another may be 52 and windy – so a poncho is a MUST! Last weekend, our mom picked us each up one of these ponchos from Old Navy. They’ve become our fall go-to look.

Here are a few other ponchos we’ve been eying  {all under $50}: 

Tartan Plaid |  Double Plaid Reversible ‘Duana’ Poncho
B.P Plaid Poncho | Old Navy Poncho | 

1fe49d50363c2653f15fd9683a18178f  cf9907d2842858359c7e2bcfaa7c2cf2 08c598a31c1e4299e97740ff274a2abc d6e6367871693460c49cb740d9b5cde7 b28df61f9773780b8c54a66b5eb6e843 c20a67cf850480a614c0b7c2c4a1f9a1 b00adce4698fd963bd435e61fa19b43b 1b38ec5c4ae7bc081d0b7b8fabedd865 465d615c13e5ff2f246915fad9451827 9cf853bf67ea640ec73998c334929fec 1d51a0847d09e8a8548defa9229ce4cd  742448d3499b9dc01966786af8a3fdf9069e91353fe53c60f4327a1705eca802 85546309135677771e627746f339be76  f79627518c9ffaa1a4af90f5ad6e58a7
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PINspiration | All Things Fall

Happy Wednesday, readers. Even though the Fall season started last week, it didn’t quite feel that way, until yesterday. After growing up in Arizona, we were used to warm weather, and moving out here.. everyone always said, “There are two seasons: summer and winter.” After yesterday’s huge drop in temperature, we definitely agree.

With a change in weather, comes a change in our wardrobe. We are boxing up our summer clothes, and pulling out our boxes of fall sweaters, jackets, and boots.

Here are a few of our favorite looks that are inspiring our Fall wardrobes.

fall 16 fall 14 fall 13 fall 12 fall 11 fall 10 fall 9 fall 5 fall 3 fall 2 fall 1 wine 9
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