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Office Style

Hiii, friendies! Happy Tuesday!! I know I mentioned this in a previous post recently but I started a new job and, because of that, I’ve had to dress up business casual style for the past few months… Honestly, I thought I was going to hate the transition but I am totally loving it! If you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely love to dress up, regardless of where I’m headed.

At Brideside, I was able to wear whatever I wanted, and sometimes, that meant leggings and Nike’s;) That being said, I’ve had to completely change out my wardrobe and since that can be costly, I’ve been on the lookout for closet staples (in neutral colors) that I can restyle over and over again without it being too obvious.

Now that it’s officially a new season and I’m on the lookout for Fall staple pieces that I can hopefully wear up until Spring/Summer. With lots of layers and different tops/accessories, I think I’ll be able to take simple, classic pieces and mix/match outfits to make them look totally different. My favorite places to shop for work clothes have been Zara, Banana Republic, Target, The Loft, Ann Taylor, Express & Nordstrom. 

I’ve linked some pieces, below, that I am currently loving!




Weekend Recap…

Happy Monday, cuties. I hope you had an amazing weekend!! I had such a fun weekend with my best friend, Amanda. We drove up to to the suburbs early on Saturday morning to hang with her family! We ended up going to the cutest pumpkin farm in Lombard. It was called Bengston. Even though it was a bit of a dreary, rainy day we had such a fun time. This pumpkin farm had so much to offer: a haunted house, roller coaster, slide, and of course tons and tons of pumpkins!! 

This was my first time going to a pumpkin farm and it was soo much fun! I’m really getting into the Fall season this year and have already started accumulating several pumpkins… haha! I got a few of the cute, little white ones on Saturday and I’m planning to paint them pink to go with my apartment;)

After some serious fun at the pumpkin farm, we went to a brewery in Lemont called Pollyanna. I’m not much of a beer drinker, I prefer wine but since I don’t frequent breweries, I wanted to be ”cool” and order a flight. The beers were quite tasty, I even tried a blueberry flavored one that was delish! The best part about my flight was the 5th beer was actually red wine, LOL.. the waitress was awesome and she surprised me with red wine, knowing I’m not huge on beer;) 

The rest of the weekend was very chill, enjoyed a quiet night in the suburbs Saturday.  Sunday, I spent my day getting organized for the week; tackled a few loads of laundry and spent the afternoon/evening reading a new book.

Hope everyone had an equally enjoyable weekend.



Shop Bop Sale Favorites

Happy Thursday, loves! 

 It’s a fun day for online shopping because the ShopBop Sale is live! You get 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders over $500 with code STOCKUP18 at checkout. The sale started yesterday and lasts for 4 days so if you see something you love, make sure to grab it before it’s too late;)

I linked a few of my favorite’s from the sale, below! 

5 Things…

Happy Tuesday, cuties!

I shared a post on my Instagram yesterday (@waltonandrush) and wanted to post it here, too! I am excited to be back in the blogging world, after a hiatus. I have been feeling so much love and support and I’m excited to share #5things about myself that maybe you don’t already know;0 

1. I’m from Scottsdale, Arizona. I moved to Chicago 7 years ago, without a job or a plan for my life but it’s been such a huge chapter for me. I’ve met some of the greatest, most genuine people I’ve ever known.
2. I originally started this blog with my sister and best friend in the world, @emilydeangelis. We started blogging because we wanted a creative outlet and a way to meet new people in a brand new city. Blogging and living in the same city together, made us closer than ever and I’m so grateful for that. 
3. My favorite things to do outside of work are yoga and reading. If I’m not hanging out with friends, I love cozying up to a mystery book and a glass of sauvy b. 
4. I’m single and have been single for the majority of my time here in Chicago. Yes, I have downloaded every dating app you can imagine and have put myself out there 🤣 I’m not one to sit at home and I’ve always been open to meeting new people. The greatest part about being single in a big city is that I’ve been able to focus on myself. 
5. The reason I’m here, the reason I’m blogging is because I freakkkkkingggg love fashion and always have. I designed my own prom dresses in high school and have always appreciated people who aren’t afraid to wear what they want. In my opinion, people are going to talk about you, regardless of what you do so my motto is to always be yourself and this is me… being myself 💁🏼‍♀️

I really hope you all enjoyed reading this and I appreciate you following along! I absolutely love hearing from you and connecting with people soooo please don’t hesitate to reach out💕 xx! Dev

Weekend Recap

Hey guys! Happy Monday:) IDK about you but I’m really wishing it was still the weekend. I was out in Cali visiting a friend and had the absolute best time, EVER! It was a quick trip but totally worth it! I was able to hang by the beach and chilllll. Besides chillin’ at the beach, we ate… A LOT. I had the ”calories don’t count on vacation” mindset;)I spent the majority of the weekend in Malibu which was great, because I’ve never been out there. The mountains, palms and sunny weather was everything I needed. We ate at Mastro’s on Friday night and got the seafood tower. OMG, it was so good! I’m a sucker for shrimp cocktail…. YUM.On Saturday morning, I woke up early (I didn’t want to waste a second) and went for a long walk on the beach. I was lucky enough to be staying on the beach, which was incredible. There is something about falling asleep and waking up to the ocean. It really is SO calming. After my long walk, I spent the rest of the morning reading. As we all know, reading is my favorite past-time. The book I picked up at the airport on Friday is seriously SO freakingggg GOOD with tons of twists and turns that keep you guessing. If you’re looking for a new read and appreciate mysteries, go get it RN!For lunch, we went to a cute little place called Geoffrey’s. We were seated oceanside with tropical plants all around us. We drank rose´ (obvs), ordered a few apps and I got the Watermelon Salad for my main. The salad was as amazing as it sounds– so refreshing!!After lunch we drove to the public beach to watch the sunset and.. it was an absolute dream. The color of the sky legit turned a gorgeous pink, my favorite color! Our last stop of the evening was dinner at The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. OMG, I seriously died and went to heaven.. SERIOUSLY. This iconic hotel restaurant was everything I thought it would be and more. I loved everything about my experience: the ambience, the colors, the flowers, the service, the food, the privacy were all TDF!  We started with a bottle of rose´ and oysters and a caesar salad.. SWOON! When we were deciding on entrees, I looked down at the menu and I said “OMG, the spaghetti bolognese is $54. Have you ever in your life seen spaghetti for $54?” Anyway, I ordered it (obviously); my love for pasta lives on… even if I was the only person in L.A eating pasta LOL (I definitely was)! p.s.- when it arrived and I tasted it, I legit started crying and said “this is the last meal I want to have, before I die.”Even though I “didn’t want desert,” we had the souffle and it was incredible. Like I said, calories really didn’t count this weekend..Sunday was low-key.. went on another long walk, went swimming in the ocean and read. Headed to the airport around 4ish.. and was back in Chicago by 1AM! Like I said, supes quick trip but one for the books!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend,


Yoga – Wear

Happy Wednesday, readers! I hope you’re having a great week so far:) Mine has been pretty fabulous and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve started doing hot yoga again. Yoga seriously makes me feel ah-may-zingggg – whether it is detoxing after a long weekend of eating/drinking too much or just taking a class after work to help me unwind. 

To get me even more motivated, I’ve been shopping for some yoga- wear..haha any excuse to shop, right??? Anyway, I linked some gear I am loving RN! See below!

Image found on Pinterest


OTK Boots I’m Loving RN!

TGIF! This ”short” week hasn’t felt so short to me! IDK why but by the time Wednesday hit, I was like IS IT FRIDAY YET?

In other news, I am pretty freaking excited for boot season- aren’t you? Anyone that knows me well, knows that I have waaaayyyyy too many over-the-knew boots but they are seriously my all-time-fave.

I’ve been doing a bit of online shopping and wanted to do a round- up of some of my favorite boots this season.  Check out what I’m eyeing, below!





Steve Madden Brinkley / Marc Fisher Ltd ‘Alinda‘ / High Heel Stretch BootsLeith NaraStuart Weitzman Hiline Marc Fisher Ltd. Yuna 

My Favorite Spots to Eat in Chicago

Happy Thursday! This short week flew by and I can’t believe it’s already September! Whereeeeee does the time go?!!?

Today’s post is all about FOOD and my favorite Chicago restaurants! There are SO many great eats around the city (it can be super overwhelming!) Check out my favorite spots, below!

1. Piccolo Sogno: FYI: “Piccolo Sogno” means “little dream” in Italian– how cute is that?! Seriously, this Italian gem is a little dream. If you go, you absolutely have to sit outside because everything about their patio feels like you’re in Italy! 

2. Chicago – Q: Located in the Gold Coast, this charming spot is both adorable and absolutely delish! I would suggest only coming to this restaurant with an empty stomach, though (or when you’re ex-treme-lyyyyy hungry) because it is A LOT of food. They start you off by bringing complimentary BBQ chips and pickles- how ah-may-zing is that?! 

3. Topo Gigio: Boy oh boy do I loooove my Italian spots! This Tuscan style restaurant is across from my apartment and I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT. They have the bestttttt food (my personal favorite dish is the Conchiglie Alla Sarda!!) P.S.- *Pro tip* – (not on the menu) but you can ask for half portions;)

4. Au Cheval: Most Chicago-ins would agree that this is the best spot in the city for a burger. Be prepared to wait several hours for a table or spot at the bar but I promiiiiise its worth it! I usually put my name in and grab a drink at a bar in the ‘hood. There are so many spots nearby! (PS- totally recommend trying Small Cheval, too!)

5. Big Star Tacos: This is another super popular restaurant in Chicago because they have killer margaritas and a huge outdoor patio! This is the *place to be* during the Summer! P.S.- Their queso is everythaaaang;)

6. RL Restaurant- Chicago: This sophisticated spot is such a classic and great for lunch or dinner! It is located right on Chicago avenue and close to all the shops– I love stopping here on a shopping day or when my mom comes to visit. They have a great burger and fries:)

7. SummerHouse Santa MonicaThis place is SO charming! Honest to God, you feel like you’re actually in Santa Monica, California on the sunniest day ever. That being said, I especially love this restaurant in the Winter… LOL!! If you go, make sure you save room for a cookie skillet;)

8. Bavettes: This cozy and charming French steakhouse has the absolute best food and ambience. Such a fun place to go to for an anniversary or birthday! You can BYOB but if you do, you have to share one glass with another table – isn’t that fun?? PS- the bone marrow is reallllly good!

9. Somerset: This darling American restaurant located in the Viceroy Hotel in the Gold Coast has become a new favorite. They have the cutest inside bar (the ambience makes you feel like you’re on a yacht) with some pretty spectacular cocktails. FYI: their chicken sandwich is TDF!

10. Le Colonial: This romantic, upscale French-Vietnamese restaurant is the perfect date night spot; known for their unique, delicious food and outstanding service. I love their sidewalk cafe in the summer!

LDW Sales!

Happy Labor Day Weekend, friends! I am having the most relaxing weekend here in Chicago! Yesterday, I treated myself to a manicure and massage- it was seriously the best day! Today, I wanted to do a bit of shopping because it’s Labor Day, YA’LL and most of the major retailers are having AMAZING sales.

Below, I linked a few of my favorite websites + what they are offering as their LDW promo! Happy shopping:)

1. ShopBop: Offering up to 70% off clothing, shoes and accessories!

2. Nordstrom is having a Summer sale! With savings up to 40% off, until September 9th:)

3. Urban Outfitters: Items are up to 15% off and 30% off sale items (in store + online!)

4. Asos: Offering 20% off everything to celebrate Labor Day weekend with code DAYOFF.

5. Forever 21: Offering an extra 50% off their sale items with code EXTRA50 and free shipping sitewide!


Fall Hats I am Currently Lusting Over..

Hey friends! Happy Thursday!

It’s 60 degrees in Chicago and it feels pretty ah-may-zing! Today’s weather is inspiring me to look for some cute Fall accessories. Hats are my favorite accessory in the Fall because throwing on a hat is the easiest way to make a simple outfit look effortlessly chic.

It’s also nice when I haven’t washed my hair in a few days.. LOL!

I’ve linked a few Fall favorites, below!

Anna Felt Panama Hat – Urban Outfitters / Rag and Bone Floppy Brim Fedora / Banana Republic High-Crown Fedora / Treasure & Bond Slub Knit Panama Hat / Brixton “Wesley” Wool Fedora / Peter Grimm Zima Felted Wool Hat