PINSpiration: Studio Decor

Hi friends, happy Wednesday!  I’m really excited today because in exactly 1 week, I’ll be moving apartments! It’s not a huge move but, I’m looking forward to some change. I’ve been living in a small studio in the Gold Coast for the past two years. Now, I’m headed to Old Town, still in a studio, but it’s totally different– more spacious, and updated! The best part is that I’ll be super close to Em and Kurt- they can’t seem to escape me (LOL)!

Anyway, this upcoming move has really brought out my creative side. Going into this new place, I decided that I want it to be super glam, feminine  and somewhat, over the top! I think this will be my last apartment in the city where I can truly have fun with a space thats totally mine!!  To get ideas, I’ve been browsing Pinterest and wanted to share a few of my favorites with you!

Looking forward to sharing pictures of my new place soon! xx

Source: All photos from Pinterest