Life Update

It’s moving time! This week, we’ve been busy each night getting ready for our move tomorrow. We’re not moving far- just about 1-mile north of where we’re currently at, but it’s a bittersweet move for us. We are SO excited for MORE space, but this was our first “home” together. We moved in together exactly 2 years ago, and this apartment has been many “firsts” for us. We moved in while we were dating, and since then, got engaged and now, we’re married!

We thought it’d be special to get photos taken of us and our apartment before we moved out. Our favorite feature of the apartment, was the rooftop. As you can see here, it has breathtaking views of the city, all of the skyscrapers, and Lake Michigan.

We currently live in the Gold Coast area and love so much about it! This area is going to be hard to beat for us – it has so many great restaurants, beautiful tree-lined streets, and a very short walk to the lake and Michigan Avenue. (One of the best parts for me, is it’s only a 15 minute walk to work!) Although the Gold Coast has so many great elements, we are excited to explore our new area: Old Town!

We’ll be busy moving all weekend, but I can’t wait to show you pictures of our new place. Thanks for reading!